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My name is Amanda M.L. Samperi, and I’m a speech-language pathologist with a particular love of assistive technology (AT) and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).  As communication happens everywhere, I’ve worked just about everywhere! I’ve aided families and peers in the clinical setting, educated students in the public schools, and facilitated language in clients’ homes. Each setting was great in its own way.


I understand and appreciate that learning truly never stops. My students, my experiences, and my research continue to inform and influence my therapy. My goal is to continue learning everything I can, and share that share that knowledge with all of you!


Take a moment to look around the site. You’ll find evidence-based research, tips and tricks for “real life” learning opportunities, and breaking news in the field. Explore, get comfy, and geek out. After all, AAC is where it’s AT!


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