Stephen Hawking: Cosmologist, Space Traveler, and Hero

Last week, the AAC community suffered a great loss in the death of Professor Stephen Hawking. While he was primarily known for his work in mathematics and physics, Professor Hawking was an important figure for individuals with disabilities, particularly those with complex communication needs.

CoughDrop allowed me the wonderful opportunity to write a guest post as a tribute to Professor Hawking. He was a great contributor to the AAC community, and his passing is certainly being mourned.

Here's a quote from the article:

"Often when I tell people that I work with AAC, I get a puzzled face and a confused nod in return. I then explain that AAC is any way of getting your point across without talking, like gestures or sign language. After more confused looks, I follow up with, 'You know how Stephen Hawking communicates with a computer? I work with people like that!'
The response is always, 'COOL!'
Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool, too!"

Check out the link below to read more:

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Amanda ML Samperi

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