Welcome to Florida: a sunny place to land

Picture this:

You move across the country - new apartment, new license, new job. Everything takes some getting used to, even your morning drive.

You walk into the school and see this:

and this:

and you walk into your office and your core bulletin board that your SLPs made for you:

This is my new job. Pretty cool, right?

So for starters, my husband and I made the incredible decision to relocate from snowy Boston, MA (remember that time I had to uncover my car from 2 feet of snow to go to work the next morning??)

to sunny Florida!

Sometimes you just find the right fit, and boy did I find mine! Our whole school uses core vocabulary. SLPs help teachers with specific core and fringe vocabulary for academic lessons. There are all forms of AAC in this school. It’s just fabulous!!

I’ve only been here a few short weeks, but I’ve learned something really valuable:

Big changes happen when everyone is on the same page.

Every classroom in this school has a core board posted. Each teacher models core and fringe vocabulary. Meaning, every teacher and assistant in this school knows what core vocabulary is!! When everyone is on the same page - in this instance, understanding what core is and why it’s important - things happen!

I’m so looking forward to sharing more about my awesome job and the wonderful people I’m working with. My SLPs are pretty fabulous, as is the rest of my team. I think it’s going to be an interesting and incredibly fun school year!

Until next time,

Yours truly from sunny Florida,


Amanda ML Samperi

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